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Go Boldly into 2024

01 Jan 2024
Event Organizer: PLASTARC
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Little girl statue staring down the New York Stock Exchange

Hello, 2024, you’re looking bright and shiny and oh-so-open!

This new year, let’s go boldly forward into new possibilities. Recently, real estate decision-makers have been rather indecisive. It’s hard to know the right move, when situations have shifted so rapidly. But we’ve learned a lot this past year about how to reallocate resources, as the “back-to-office” hype trickles down to an occupancy rate that seems unlikely to ever return to pre-pandemic levels. In other words, 2023 solidified that hybrid is here to stay.

So in 2024, let’s ask the right questions, collect the right data, and make the bold moves. Let’s fully embrace plans to convert old properties to new functions, whether that means turning offices to residential spaces or single-company buildings into multi-tenant operations. Let’s run towards the future with open arms and open minds!

We appreciate all of you, who have shared your struggles and victories (and data!) with PLASTARC and helped us better grasp workplace innovation in all its depth and nuance. Cheers to an intrepid approach to a powerful new beginning!

All our best,

Amy, Bennett, Cheree, Kristin, Melissa, Roger, Varis

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