Sometimes the hardest thing is getting started. A topic as broad as workplace—what questions to ask, how to select the right team and prioritize initiatives—can seem daunting. On this page, you’ll find a selection of our proven proprietary tools and methods, which you are free to explore.

We’ve chosen to make these materials accessible to the public because we understand the client’s perspective. These documents range from the user experience scorecard, which we use to measure how the physical aspects of buildings might be influencing occupant experience, to a change management roadmap that offers guidance on supporting successful workplace transitions.

We think that being generous with our research and tools is part of making the world a better place one workplace at a time. We hope this gets you started and offers new perspectives on the factors that shape your workplace experience. We would love to hear from you to continue the conversation.

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Workplace technology ecosystem

Workplace technology is always evolving, as are the myriad tools available to workplace, HR, FM and IT professionals to optimize the occupant experience. Our workplace technology ecosystem maps the relationships and intersections between tools and outlined some key methods for measuring occupancy.

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Better benchmarking

Benchmarking data is inherently backward-facing: you cannot measure what has not already been done. However, understanding the past is still invaluable when making decisions about the future of the workplace. In our approach to benchmarking, we use a process of ‘triangulation’, looking across external, internal and anecdotal data to create a holistic view.

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UX building selection scorecard

Buildings have historically been evaluated on geometry and costs with less emphasis on human factors such as wellness and experience. This is no longer the case. At PLASTARC, we seek new ways to bring rigor to the measurement of human factors and elevate them to the same level as financial and spatial concerns. This scorecard offers a straightforward way to evaluate building performance holistically.

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Change management readiness roadmap

A successful workplace project does not end when the design is completed, or even when occupants move in. The moments leading up to the move, move-in and post-move define the experience, and shape the outcome of any project. We support clients in using space and place to encourage lasting, iterative change in the organization.

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Benefits of Activity-Based Working

Empowering people to choose where, when and how they work offers benefits to employees and organizations. Improved mental and physical wellness, as well as social and organizational performance, are all supported by flexible work models. Our Benefits of Activity-Based Working, outlines these key benefits and explains how ABW is different from other models.

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Who we are and what we do

We are committed to pushing the metrics for space and workplace beyond ‘square-feet-and-inches’ to include measurable behavior and human experience. We see our clients as research partners. Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures, our team of experts in social science and design arrive at integrated workplace strategy that helps clients leverage their real estate for optimal organizational performance.

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Sample Workplace Strategy RFPs

Ready to get started? You might benefit from taking a look at these RFP templates, which will help you to select the consultant that fits your project. Whether it’s a specific intervention like a move to Activity-Based Working (ABW) or a general workplace strategy project, these samples will get you headed in the right direction.