International Organization

Working Without Borders

PLASTARC guided this international organization in implementing flexible working, including a pilot environment in their New York headquarters. A staff survey and utilization study provided a snapshot of existing conditions and readiness for flexibility, and provided communications support and design advisory.

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Creating a Global Workplace Experience

With thousands of employees distributed in offices around the world, Informatica wanted to streamline its workplace and real estate solutions in a way that would allow for individual local identities while retaining a global, recognizable workplace brand. PLASTARC is involved in three main streams of work: conducting post-occupancy evaluations on recently completed workplace projects; advising on the location and programming of new sites; and rebalancing the company’s headquarters to best serve its occupants.

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Fail Fast Approach for the Collaborative Era

This software company, best known for creating the Firefox web browser, is founded on open source principles, and the Workplace Resources team enlisted PLASTARC to explore how Mozilla's real estate could better align with this business philosophy. We conducted research within and outside of the organization to present possibilities for an open source workplace.

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Educational Testing Service

Creating a 21st Century Non-Profit Workplace

After adding a new, more modern building to its campus, this educational non-profit wanted to overhaul its workspace and policies to be more up-to-date. PLASTARC was engaged to help reform space allocation to better support the changing nature of ETS employees’ work. With an observational study and a series of interviews and workshops, we showed the organization how to rethink and update how it viewed real estate.

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Changing How and Where the World Works

BOX realized their own workspace wasn’t fulfilling the company’s mission to connect people and promote collaboration. We formulated a plan for real estate and workspace design to embody the BOX experience internally and to enhance it within the company’s communities.

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