Event Recap
WorkTech17 West Coast

24 Oct 2017
Event Organizer: Unwired
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Each presentation at WORKTECH 17 West Coast reflected on the future of workplace and the many ways it can help make work more pleasurable, effective, and meaningful.

In particular, the case study Rachel Wood Massey of Allied Works Architecture presented about designing the new headquarters and flagship creative studio for Uniqlo/Fast Retailing resonated with the PLASTARC team. The story and success of this project reminded us of why we advocate for the use of "people engagement" research methods such as interviews, surveys, and workshops as the best way to make new workplace designs sensitive to different cultural contexts and workstyle needs. While many multinational organizations export their workplace models to other countries and cities without planning for local adaptation, we have found that this can be quite risky from a people perspective. This is why PLASTARC strongly advises that organizations take the time and effort to meaningfully engage occupants prior to building out a new location, especially when their mandates include localizing their workspace design.

PLASTARC has participated in WORKTECH events around the world for years. We share the conviction that workplace concerns are global in nature, but that individual workplaces should be tailored to suit the culture and values of their particular location. We believe the best work environments account for both universal human needs and the unique expectations of local employees.