Sociospatial Analyst

Role Overview:

Our Sociospatial Analyst collects, analyzes, and synthesizes data related to the intersection of space and human behavior. This work supports PLASTARC’s recommendations to our clients by providing quantitative backing for our workplace advisory. By observing and analyzing activities and preferences related to the workplace, the Sociospatial Analyst brings social factors together with the built environment in our strategy work.

Key contributions to this role will support PLASTARC and our clients by:

- Designing and executing data collection—such as observational studies and surveys— and analyzing the findings

- Synthesizing quantitative data with other information to create profiles of employee groups and inform recommendations

- Creating reports and presentations that communicate data-based findings to clients

- Researching relevant studies and data from external sources to support and contextualize findings from our original research

- Liaising with client contacts for data requests, scheduling, presentations, meetings and more

Key qualifications, knowledge, and skills:

- Strong proficiency with Microsoft Office, particularly Excel and PowerPoint

- Basic understanding of survey design

- Basic understanding of descriptive statistics and analysis

- Strong research and writing skills

- Some familiarity with CAD and workplace management desirable

PLASTARC Overview & Approach

PLASTARC is a consultancy dedicated to increasing the flexibility and desirability of space using social research and occupant engagement. We specialize in integrated workplace strategy and help clients leverage their real estate for optimal organizational performance. Our workplace research is built on a consultative model that enables our clients to leverage their own data, people, and resources to advance their business with the support of our recommendations and advisory.

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