• Analysis
  • Occupancy and Observation
  • Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Survey

Client: Artsy

Location: New York, NY

Date: 2017-2018

Download: Project Sheet

Client Objectives

  • Integrate research methods with architectural design  
  • Discover how Artsy currently uses its workplace
  • Create space strategies for a future move
  • Envision a workplace consistent with organizational values


Creating a workplace based on values

We were particularly impressed by how insights from the workplace analysis informed the final design. PLASTARC really demonstrated the value of bringing on design and workplace experts early in the process.

Artsy is a unique technology company, founded in 2009 to create the world’s leading online marketplace for art. As the company matured from a startup to an industry leader, it was quickly outgrowing its existing space. Spread across multiple floors plates, its setup made connection and communication difficult despite being quite dense. Leadership recognized that this was hampering productivity. They sought to imagine a future space that would walk the talk of the organization’s core values: Art​ ​x​ ​Science, People​ ​are​ ​Paramount, Quality​ ​Worthy​ ​of​ ​Art, Positive​ ​Energy, and Openness.

Artsy engaged PLASTARC and architecture partner Leong Leong to provide an interdisciplinary and people-centric approach to improving its space. This unique blend of collaborative and multifaceted expertise was an ideal fit for Artsy’s unique position between the art and technology worlds. Working with HR provider CultureAmp, PLASTARC studied the unique work patterns and styles within each department.

Together, we co-created a concept for Artsy’s new headquarters, developing a workplace strategy and site selection process that emphasized their values. In support of Artsy’s commitment to engage with the surrounding community, our recommendations included a single contiguous ground floor space that could enable a series of events and public programming.