• Analysis
  • Occupancy and Observation
  • Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Survey

Client: Informatica

Location: Redwood City, CA

Date: 2015-2016

Download: Project Sheet

Client Objectives

  • Prepare for expansion of headquarters into an additional floor; design new floor to support intended occupants
  • Understand successes and opportunities for improvement in recently completed international locations
  • Inform selection and programming of new sites for three international offices


Creating a Global Workplace Experience

Founded in 1993, Informatica is, by today’s technology industry standards, a long-standing, mature organization. As such, the company faced a new challenge: With the pace of business quickening and demand intensifying for its data-integration products, they were competing with younger businesses for clients and talent.

PLASTARC designed a plan for Informatica’s Global Workplace Solutions to make the company’s US and international locations more welcoming to and more supportive of current and prospective employees.

The PLASTARC team’s plan would get employees more engaged in their work and their workplace. The multi-phase project focused on three areas: design and programming recommendations for a new floor at the company’s New York headquarters, evaluation of recently completed workplace projects, and advice on the location and programming of future non-US workplaces.

PLASTARC’s research methods included interviews, a headquarters occupancy study, online surveys of employees who would eventually occupy the new workspace, and plan and program analysis across several locations. By conducting research on an international and multi-location scale, we gained an understanding of Informatica on many levels and in several contexts.

We listened to employees from different business lines discuss technology and furniture needs, along with the employees’ individual goals and visions. We identified department-specific work styles and space types that were either heavily favored or underused. The process enabled PLASTARC to develop guidelines and strategies that Informatica could adjust or apply to various employee profiles and workplace environments around the world, now and in the future.

By envisioning – with leadership – what the next generation of the organization would look like, we could put our findings and analysis into context. This would make our recommendations as useful as possible. Informatica is now prepared to adapt its physical work environment to fit its evolving work force and organizational strategy and to meet its new competitive challenges.