• Employee Engagement
  • Pre-Design
  • Real Estate Advisory
  • Workplace Research

Client: NCI Building Systems

Location: Houston, TX

Date: 2016-2017

Download: Project Sheet

Client Objectives

  • Supported a significant shift from material and logistic-centricity to people-centricity
  • Developed strategic site-selection criteria fusing design considerations with business objectives
  • Enabled leadership to evaluate proposed workplace investments on the same plane as other core business decisions.
  • Guided real estate strategy with future recruitment and collaboration in mind

NCI Building Systems

Designing for next-gen manufacturing

Recent acquisitions had helped fuel a period of rapid growth at NCI (now Cornerstone Building Brands), a leading manufacturer of building materials. This presented new challenges. With hundreds of locations and thousands of new employees around the country, the company was finding it difficult to make all its buildings and people feel like part of the whole. Simultaneously, NCI faced a rapid transformation of its customer and talent landscapes that demanded more agile collaboration. Today’s customers want an easy and comprehensive digital experience, and today’s talent wants a stimulating workplace with a satisfying community experience. NCI engaged PLASTARC to bring more rigor to their space planning decisions.

We employed our signature set of quantitative and qualitative tools to make a business case for giving its human capital the same weight as logistical needs. Our research-based approach demonstrated the potential business impact of design factors such as ceiling height, vertical circulation, and daylight penetration. Engaging with both the top and bottom of the organization, we surfaced environmental and business factors that were inhibiting recruitment, growth, and satisfaction. We facilitated a dialog to address these barriers and to accommodate the wide diversity of work styles across generations and amongst each of the disciplines in the company.