• Change Management

Client: Unilever

Location: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Date: 2015-2016

Download: Project Sheet

Client Objectives

  • PLASTARC translated Unilever’s London-based change management toolkit to the local context in Englewood Cliffs.
  • Aligned company change management guidelines with the workplace design strategy in collaboration with Perkins + Will
  • Unilever drew from its in-house talent to deliver its change management initiative, which reinforced its change messaging and the success of its workplace transformation.


Enabling Responsive Change Services

Unilever, a global consumer goods company, was in the midst of a workplace redesign project for its US headquarters. They planned to introduce a more flexible workplace environment, allowing them to reduce their overall footprint and use rent savings to renovate. While the new workplace concept was already well developed, Unilever was missing a people engagement strategy.

PLASTARC was engaged to develop a change management strategy to complement the shift in workplace design. We developed an approach that incorporated important elements of Unilever’s cultural DNA. While Unilever is a very large organization, it celebrates employee-led efforts and grassroots programs, such as a wellness group that self-organizes classes for other employees. PLASTARC saw the value of harnessing these grassroots programs as a conduit to deliver the HQ workplace change management strategy.

While developing the change management plan, PLASTARC recognized that this workplace and workstyle change–which would also involve a significant cultural transformation–would be most successful if driven by internal change agents rather than an external firm. PLASTARC then developed the business case for Unilever to hire the necessary talent internally from the HR, Marketing, Communications and Real Estate departments.